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A Contractor Plan: Construction During COVID-19

Contractors that are allowed to continue work on ‘essential’ projects during the pandemic need to consider the care and protection of their workforce and the surrounding communities. Contractors need to understand what is required to protect their workforce, account for supply chain impacts and manage labor availability uncertainty and how these conditions may impact the cost and time to perform work on their projects.

COVID-19 Construction Insights: Quantifying Delay Damages on Your Project

Delays on construction projects can lead to a cascade of negative financial repercussions for owners, contractors and subcontractors. As COVID-19 progresses and new mandates are put in place by federal, state and local government entities, it is imperative that owners, contractors and subcontractors properly notify, document, monitor and quantify all delay damages resulting from COVID-19.

An Owner/Developer Plan: Construction During COVID-19

If you are an Owner or Developer, taking care of people and our communities is everyone’s responsibility. Thus, Owners/Developers need to consider how their projects impact the community, and are classified by the various authorities and determine the benefits and costs to continue or delay their projects.

Steps to Take When Your Project Suffers Productivity Loss

The measured mile analysis is a widely recognized and preferred method for quantifying productivity loss in construction claims. It estimates damages resulting from lost productivity by comparing activities during a period of disrupted performance to identical or substantially similar activities during a period of unaffected performance.

Top 10 Ways for Developers to Overcome Issues During Construction

Developers wear many hats during the construction process and thus are subject to an increase in risk and liability. The first step to achieving a successful project is to identify the potential issues and barriers that may impact your project prior to construction in order to mitigate or prevent those issues from occurring.