Change Order Impacts

Change Order Impacts

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Change Order Impacts

Change orders can negatively impact a parties performance on a construction project. While one change order may not result in a delay or disruption, the cumulative impact of changes can result in impacts. Cumulative impacts can be unforeseeable and difficult to quantify unless the proper controls systems are in place to capture the disruption and impacts that may not be apparent on an individual basis. Our consultants specialize in capturing the required evidence to establish causation and quantify delays and disruptions resulting from cumulative impacts from changes throughout construction.

By correlating the contemporaneous project documents with manpower and schedule information, our consultants can segregate claimed cumulative impacts by the party responsible. Whether a client requires identification and quantification of cumulative change impacts during or after project completion, we can assist every step of the way.

We assist our clients by identifying and quantifying any potential impact resulting from the following representative list:

change order impact evaluations

  • Schedule Delays and Disruptions
  • Out of Sequence Work
  • Stacking of Trades
  • Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Improper Response Time to Submittals
  • Unavailability of Materials & Equipment
  • Scheduling and Coordination
  • Interference
  • Acceleration
  • Differing Site Conditions