Labor Productivity Claims

Labor Productivity Claims

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Labor Productivity Claims

Assumed labor productivity rates are important in determining the financial success of a project for both contractors and owners. When losses are suffered, additional labor costs can be the largest element of those losses. Labor overruns can be attributed to numerous causes and factors. One such cause which is commonly a point of contention between owners and contractors is direct labor productivity loss claims. Proving and pricing lost productivity claims can be a difficult task. However, if certain basic fundamentals are present, accepted methods of analysis do exist. Additionally, from an owner’s perspective, analyzing and responding to a contactor’s productivity claim can be a difficult process.

Our consultants have the in depth knowledge of productivity tracking and controls, impacts, industry studies and quantification techniques. These techniques include:

  • Total cost claims
  • Modified total cost claims
  • Industry studies (MCAA, CII, etc.)
  • Measured mile analysis
  • Discrete tracking and pricing of events

Our professionals have prepared and analyzed claims, negotiated on behalf of our clients, presented in mediations and testified in arbitration and in court on matters involving labor efficiency and productivity loss.

Spire’s services that may complement your need for construction productivity loss service include:

Whether you are an owner, program manager, contractor, architect, subcontractor, construction manager or attorney, Spire’s consultants are equipped to provide the analytical support necessary to defend your side of a productivity dispute.