Time Impact Analysis Claims

Time Impact Analysis Claims

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Time Impact Analysis Claims

A Time Impact Analysis (TIA) or Time Impact Evaluation (TIE) is a time-estimating technique that demonstrates the cause and effect of a change to a critical path method (CPM) schedule. The purpose of a TIA is to identify a discrete issue and determine its relationship to activities or past delays in order to substantiate the impact a delay may have on a project schedule. As such, Spire Consulting Group assists its clients by analyzing, preparing and validating Time Impact Analysis claims for schedule delays and disruptions. While construction professionals or contracts may refer to a Time Impact Analysis using different terms, Spire’s experts have performed numerous TIA evaluations as an analysis or as a part of a broader construction claim analysis.

other time impact analysis (tia) references

  • Time Impact Evaluation
  • Modeled, Additive, Single & Multiple Base Analysis
  • Impacted As-Planned
  • Impacted Baseline
  • Impacted Update Analysis
  • Fragnet Analysis
  • Fragnet Insertion

In the event a TIA is required, Spire is equipped to provide ongoing support in preparing, assessing or validating a party’s performance. Spire’s consultants utilize standard industry means and methods to identify, quantify and prepare TIA claims for time extensions or to substantiate delays.

general steps for performing a tia evaluation

  • Contract analysis
  • Review & validate/compile as-planned schedule
  • Insert fragnet of activities representing delays into reasonable as-planned schedule
  • Constructability review of impacted schedule
  • Identify variances between planned & impacted schedules
  • Causation analysis
  • Identification, quantification & apportionment