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Primavera Scheduling Services

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Primavera Scheduling Services

Spire Consulting Group’s scheduling and project controls consultants are equipped to provide proactive and forensic consulting services utilizing the most recent construction management technology. Primavera™ is just one of the many tools Spire’s project consultants use in communicating, planning and analyzing a project’s scope and schedule. Spire can post your project’s schedules online so that you and your team can access them from your web browser.

Developed by Primavera International, Inc., Primavera™ is an advanced project planning tool which allows Spire’s consultants to effectively plan and execute work prior to project kick-off. By integrating a project’s cost and schedule prior to commencement, Spire can identify and eliminate future delays and cost overruns from occurring.

primavera™ benefits include:

  • Primavera™ benefits include:Plan and schedule projects quickly and easily
  • Identify all critical paths within a project by using float path analysis
  • Integrate schedules from engineering, architects, subcontractors and owners to create a master program schedule
  • Easily create attractive and fully customizable graphics including Gantt charts, Activity Network Diagrams, Timescaled Logic Diagrams and Histograms
  • Quickly plan for the upcoming day, week or month to ensure everyone knows what they are responsible for
  • Control budgets, changes and estimates at completion to ensure a successful project delivery
  • Allocate resources to activities using distribution curves to accurately reflect how the work is performed
  • Analyze changes between versions of schedules with Claim Digger to understand the progress that has taken place in the update period
  • Improve collaboration by quickly emailing entire projects with the click of a button
  • Exchange data seamlessly with all Primavera scheduling products, Primavera Contract Management and Microsoft Project
  • Communicate status to general contractors, subcontractors, owners and other project team members via customizable industry standard reports
  • Coordinate labor, material, equipment and subcontractors to ensure on-schedule, on-budget completion
  • Quickly compare your baseline budgets to the actual costs and work performed while maintaining independent versions of cost to complete estimations
  • Store actual cost, units, earned value and planned value by customizable financial period, so you can compare current and future trends
  • Create unlimited “what-if” scenarios to explore alternatives
  • Break activities down into smaller weighted steps and track the completion of the steps to determine the activity percent complete
  • Document risks and calculate risk exposure values and impacts on the project’s schedule, costs, and durations
  • Log issues that are known problems within a project plan that require attention or corrective action; e-mail issue details, along with your notes and the issue’s history, to any member of the project’s staff
  • Build thresholds for tolerable project performance and get notified when performance is outside of the acceptable performance window.
  • Leverage best practices by using your templates and completed projects to build new projects
  • Perform earned value analysis by using past performance to predict a more accurate cost to completion

primavera scheduling software

  • Primavera P6™
  • Primavera® Claim Digger™
  • Primavera Project Planner® (P3®) 3.1
  • Primavera® SureTrak
  • Primavera® Risk Analysis

Whether you are an owner, program manager, architect or construction manager, Spire’s consultants are equipped to provide the services needed to make certain your project’s schedule is as accurate and realistic as possible.