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Project 4D Tools

Spire Consulting’s scheduling and project controls consultants are equipped to provide proactive and forensic consulting services utilizing the latest construction management technology. Project 4D™ is just one of the tools Spire’s project consultants use in communicating, planning and analyzing a project’s scope and schedule.

Developed by Commonpoint, Inc., Project 4D™ is an advanced project planning tool which allows Spire’s consultants to effectively plan and execute work prior to project commencement. By integrating cost and schedule parameters prior to the start of the project, Spire can identify and eliminate future delays and cost overruns from occurring.

project 4d™ benefits include:

  • Improved project communication through construction sequencing
  • Visually communicate project schedule to all project stakeholders
  • Communicate and show flow of work
  • Visually assess impact to ongoing facility operations
  • Pre-project planning and development
  • Easy review site access, parking and transportation routing
  • Overlay aerial images to show site/work context and interactively view site issues
  • Quickly accomplish “what-if’s” and solicit feedback from clients and customers
  • Analyze site management
  • Comparison of as-planned vs. current schedule status
  • Easily switch between date fields (plan vs. actual) or alternative schedules
  • Compare schedules in same or different views