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Timberline Estimating

Spire Consulting’s cost estimating and project controls consultants are equipped to provide proactive and forensic consulting services utilizing the latest construction management technology. Timberline™ is just one of the tools Spire’s project consultants use in communicating, planning and analyzing a project’s scope and cost.

Developed by Sage Software, Timberline™ is an advanced cost estimating tool which allows Spire’s consultants to effectively evaluate and manage a project’s costs. By integrating a project’s cost and schedule prior to commencement, Spire can identify and eliminate future potential delays and cost overruns from occurring.

timberline™ benefits include:

  • Create quick, accurate estimates backed by material, cost and labor details
  • Use multiple takeoff methods to create detailed customizable estimates
  • Compare new estimates with other similar jobs to spot potential errors before they happen
  • Transfer estimates to job cost for budget-to-cost comparison
  • Analyze estimates from a variety of angles, for instance: by floor or phase of work
  • Drill down through multiple layers to finer and finer detail using rich database capabilities
  • Perform quick calculations for an instant sanity check by dropping in your assumptions using model estimating’s fill-in-the-blank format
  • Create conceptual estimates and easily incorporate bids from subcontractors and suppliers
  • Do fast takeoffs directly from CAD drawing files