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Standards of Care Experts

In all disputes, Spire Consulting Group is equipped to identify and evaluate the conduct and performance of all responsible parties in order to determine if the appropriate standard of care has been provided. In resolving such disputes, we seek to answer the following questions:

  • Do the plans and specifications adequately define quantity, configuration, and quality?
  • Are the documents suitable to execute their intended purpose whether it be pricing, bidding, or construction?
  • Have the industry’s Standards of Reasonable Care been met?
  • Has the contract been properly administered for the purpose of construction?

In addressing concerns over whether the proper standard of care was given to a project, Spire provides continued support should a project require litigation services.  Spire’s other litigation support services include:

Whether you are an owner, program manager, contractor, architect, subcontractor, construction manager, or attorney, Spire’s consultants are equipped to provide the insight necessary to ensure the success of your litigation strategy.