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Construction Company Management Planning Best Practices

Construction Company Management Planning is a one of the most important characteristics of a successful company in today’s business environment. It applies to every aspect of construction success for both micro and macro business models.There are 5 major risks to success that should be understood in your strategic planning outlined in the full version of this white paper available for download. Download here.

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 Evaluation of Baseline Schedule Metrics

Developing a reasonable baseline schedule can be challenging for construction professionals, but it is essential to keeping projects on time and within budget. Don’t let your project be impacted or delayed by a fatally flawed baseline schedule that results in an unreasonable forecasted completion. In this White Paper, we will identify and evaluate a list of industry-recognized metrics to determine whether a schedule is inaccurate or suggests a reasonable forecast. Download here. 

Quantifying Disruption in Power Projects  Quantifying Disruption in Power Projects

Power plant projects involve massive capital investment and employ the services of multiple trades.Their complexity and scale often cause disruptions to the resource utilization plan resulting in lost productivity. Want to quantify that lost productivity? This White Paper will outline the fundamental concepts of the Measured Mile Analysis, and suggestions to improve its implementation. Download here.