Spire Welcomes Charity Chism: Operations Coordinator

Charity Chism Operations Coordinator





Ms. Charity Chism, Operations Coordinator, partners with the Director of Finance to support all of Spire’s essential business operations and office management functions. In this role, Ms. Chism also performs duties across the operations and finance area of the firm, manages staff as needed, and fosters relationships with clients, vendors, and independent contractors.  She serves as a hub for continuous improvement projects and initiatives impacting Spire’s personnel, processes, and systems. Ms. Chism proactively seeks opportunities for operational efficiency and communicates with a variety of company leaders to enhance organizational success. Ms. Chism possesses strong business acumen and technical and people management skills, which she uses to organize multiple tasks simultaneously in fast-paced environments.

Spire is excited to have Ms. Chism as a member of our team!