Spire’s Roger Nelson Presents on Scheduling and Delays with the Seminar Group

The Seminar Group live webcast with Spire Consulting Group





Spire San Francisco’s Roger Nelson, PE, PSP, LEED AP has been invited to both speak at and serve as the co-chair for The Seminar Group’s Construction Project Scheduling & Delay Claims live webcast. Mr. Nelson’s section of the seminar, entitled “Project Scheduling & Forensic Schedule Delay,” will hone in on the fundamentals of scheduling and delays, including the specifics surrounding the determination of a Critical Path, the comparison and contrasting of delay, acceleration, and disruption, and specific delay analysis techniques. Mr. Nelson’s presentation will bolster the seminar’s greater discussion of schedule delays, specifically regarding the analysis and quantification of these delays, and advice for a precise path forward once delays have been experienced. This presentation is a continuation of Spire’s initiative to give back to the communities we live and work in through sharing our knowledge and expertise.

This live program, broadcasting from Los Angeles, California, offers attendees an opportunity to learn directly from a group of construction professionals with diversified backgrounds that have significant experience with schedule delays and quantification. Through specific analyses of the panelists’ real-world experience, the event aims to equip attendees with the fundamentals and tools necessary to quantify, mitigate, and resolve the claims their projects may have experienced, as well as any other future delays that may arise.

The Seminar Group’s live webcast will broadcast on Friday, January 15, 2021, with Mr. Nelson’s presentation taking place at 10:30 AM PST. Mr. Nelson’s presentation will be given alongside Suffolk Construction‘s Harshad Lotlikar and Donna J. Nardella, PE, PSP, EVP, and the rest of the seminar will feature a myriad of knowledgeable construction professionals. The Seminar Group is offering $150 off your registration cost with the code FAC150. Simply enter this code in the ‘Promo Code’ box at checkout, or call 206.463.4400 to apply the discount off your qualifying rate.