Spire performed an audit of the project contract, costs, schedule, quality assurance processes, and contractor performance on the North Operations and Maintenance Facility for the Austin Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CMTA). The project site is approximately 28 acres and is designed to service and accommodate 200 to 250 vehicles and light rail cars. It includes a two-story operations and maintenance building, fuel and wash building, and several parking areas along the CMTA light rail line. The total size of the project is 104,000 square feet.

Spire was hired by the owner to develop an independent and impartial assessment based on schedule delay analysis addressing the validity of delay issues pertaining to the contractor’s claims and their impacts to project completion and contractor performance. Specifically, Spire evaluated the contractor’s schedules, recovery schedules, time impact analyses (TIAs), time extension requests, the owner’s management of the design process, quality assurance (QA) process, and contract administration process. Spire’s findings were represented in a fully documented expert report. Spire presented its findings in a manner easily understandable by its audience, which consisted of technical engineers and nontechnical owner decision makers. Spire’s efforts resulted in significant recovery of funds for the owner.