Spire Gives Insight to Predicting Labor Availability

construction management


Spire Consultant, Nour Bouhou, PhD, presented “Identifying and Predicting Labor Availability in the Construction Industry” at the 56th Annual Western Winter Workshop for the AACE International (AACE). The presentation was centered around the trends in labor availability for construction projects, predicting labor shortages and their potential impacts such as increased project costs, schedule delays, increased injury and safety issues, diminished quality of the delivered product, and increases in construction claims. After the presentation, Ms. Bouhou facilitated a discussion about how to avoid claims by addressing labor availability during a project and how to incorporate labor shortages during the claims process.

The presentation is based on a paper that Spire submitted to the AACE for publication. Spire found that construction professionals and researchers often identify a labor shortage condition based on two main data sources; perceptions of labor shortage, and market condition metrics. Spire identified multiple construction organizations who have emphasized the criticality of understanding the implications of shortages and have claimed recurring shortages of construction labor in the U.S. in the past three decades. However, firms have relied on published assessments based on cognitive approaches (i.e., employer skill surveys, job vacancy surveys, etc.) instead of empirical information to determine the magnitude of these shortages. Spire aims to help the industry properly identify, quantify, and predict labor availability, and dispel misconceptions inherent within the construction industry.

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