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Top 10 ENR-Ranked Firm | Boston, Massachusetts
Santos CMI Construction Training Seminar | Quito, Ecuador
BMY Construction Group | Fresno, California | Construction Advisory
BMY Construction Group | Fresno, California

Trust in every detail. To ensure the best outcome for your programs and projects, you need people who know what they’re doing—every step of the way. Our experienced construction consulting professionals provide effective leadership and expertise to improve your delivery of capital projects. Our sharp attention to detail and knowledge of leading industry practices can help you implement the improvements needed for the successful completion of projects across your portfolio. 

“Spire did a SUPERB job! Honestly, everyone had nothing but good things to say and even some of our ‘older, set in their ways’ Project Managers said they learned some new things and were going to approach a few things differently… thank you!”

Marissa Bower, BMY Construction Company

Construction Advisory Services

Spire provides a collaborative, partnership approach to its construction advisory services to ensure our recommendations are right for your organization. We work to understand your business, your objectives, and your culture so we can provide support that can be integrated into your operations to improve performance at all levels of the organization.

Spire provides comprehensive construction advisory services. Our experts possess the engineering and construction experience to provide real-world, cost-effective solutions to the everyday challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the construction process. From the initial concept to project closeout, we assist our clients in facilitating and coordinating the project process to mitigate complex problems. Spire can provide support at not only the project level, but also at the program and portfolio level, helping select and manage a large number of projects.  Our support can help you utilize limited resources to achieve the greatest value.

Construction Advisory Consulting Services

Spire’s advisory support is based on each client’s specific needs and project requirements by providing effective project leadership in the following service areas:

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