Construction Acceleration Claims

Construction acceleration claims can occur if an owner or general contractor directs a party to perform all or a portion of its work prior to its anticipated completion date. Acceleration can often lead to increased costs for the contractor. We service our clients by evaluating and quantifying construction acceleration costs before or after a contractor is directed to accelerate.

In some cases, acceleration is not due to explicit direction from the owner but is instead constructive in nature. An owner’s refusal to grant a time extension for a previous delay can result in a contractor accelerating their work to meet their contractual completion dates. Such a scenario requires detailed analysis to determine whether the schedule slippage is due to the contractor’s performance issues or is due to events beyond its control.  


Spire’s experts understand how to analyze the contractor’s performance through the project documentation and data to detail the actions that qualify as acceleration, determine the resources added for acceleration, and quantify the costs associated with that acceleration. Being able to explain the results of the acceleration is important to support a resolution to the dispute and equitable compensation if required.

Spire’s experts have experience with projects in all types of industries around the world. They have analyzed acceleration of all types and forms. Whether the acceleration was clearly directed by the owner or constructive in nature, Spire can analyze the facts and explain the impacts to support our client’s position. Spire’s independence provides an unbiased evaluation of the acceleration and underlying issues which will help result in a positive result. Spire has a strong track record in defending clients’ positions related to the acceleration of projects.

If you’re looking for construction acceleration claims assistance, reach out to the Spire team today. Our dispute resolution experts are well-versed in construction acceleration services and are ready to help.