Our Company Culture

Since the beginning, Spire has been governed by its core values instilled through its culture and character of the company. At the heart of Spire’s culture is our focus on improving our client’s results. We assist our clients by solving complex problems that often require engineering and construction knowledge. However, the manner and style in which we evaluate and communicate our findings separate us from our competition.

Our Core Operating Values

  • Our framework is built on Integrity, honesty and accountability which serves as the basis of the firm’s operations and influence all decisions.

  • We are continuously committed to Value through our culture, decision making and performance.
  • We possess the drive and Dedication to continuously improve and work hard while maintaining a can-do attitude.
  • We are one Team that communicates clearly, acknowledges contributions, and has fun in order to create a great work environment and accomplish a shared objective.

Spire Consulting Group Company Values

Driven By Our People

The heart of Spire’s culture is led by our talented team members. Our employees from various departments within the organization have formed internal and voluntary committees that drive our vision forward. The committees are a physical representation of our commitment to making Spire the most respected and sought-after construction consulting firm for both employees and clients alike. The mission statements for each of the committees are listed below:

  • Social Committee – To encourage connection, collaboration, and teamwork by providing fun opportunities to build stronger relationships with our colleagues outside of the office.
  • Learning & Development Committee – To foster a learning environment where Spire team members are supported in developing the skills and behaviors necessary for growth within the organization and industry alike.
  • Civic Committee – To build bridges between Spire and the world around us through community service, sustainable initiatives, and social change. By cultivating relationships with individuals and organizations in our communities, we will promote positive change for Spire, our cities and, ultimately, ourselves.

Our company culture - Spire Consulting Group