Construction Risk Management & Analysis Services

Risk management is a critical component of project management. Successful risk management is a proactive exercise that uses more foresight, resulting in fewer setbacks. The key elements of risk management involve identifying the risks that may impact your project, assessing those risks, and developing and implementing response actions. Spire’s risk management experts help you take these steps to prevent potential costly delays and disruptions during design, procurement, construction, and commissioning. Our experts understand the changing engineering and construction industries and draw upon years of experience to help establish a cost-effective risk management solution. We can support through all phases of the project, helping you to make informed decisions and keep your project moving forward.

Risk Identification

Spire provides engineering and construction risk management services to identify the risks, both threats and opportunities, and uncertainty in the project that may result in impacts to the cost and schedule targets.  Spire works with the project team to bring our experience of risks from a wide range of projects to determine the specific risks that face your project.  Because if you don’t identify the right risks, you will not be managing them. In addition to looking at the threats that will negatively impact a project, we like to ensure the team identifies any opportunities that may improve performance.

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Risk Assessment & Analysis

Once the risks are identified, it is important to assess the risks to understand how likely it is that each risk may be realized and what the impact would be if it does occur.  Analyzing this information is important to prioritize risk response actions.  Most project teams do not have the time and resources to address every risk, so they need to prioritize them to spend their resources in mitigating the biggest risks. Quantitative cost and schedule risk models can also be utilized to assess risks and develop cost and schedule contingencies for cost budgets and schedule targets. Spire has the expertise to work with the team to assess these risks and build the models necessary to prioritize risks and assess contingency needs.

Risk Mitigation & Response

Spire also has the experience in developing effective risk response actions to help avoid, mitigate, or eliminate threats to your project.  Spire can help establish a successful risk management program to implement all aspects of risk management on your project. We understand that as the complexity of construction and engineering projects changes, the magnitude of risk involved for owners, contractors, architects, and engineers increases. Our construction risk management consultants adapt to the continuously changing engineering and construction industries while maintaining proven practices and procedures throughout the construction process.

Construction Risk Management Firm Services

  • Risk Management Planning
  • Risk Identification Workshops
  • Qualitative Risk Analysis and Response Planning
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis/Modeling
  • Risk Monitoring