Construction Due Diligence

Due Diligence reviews are important in providing assurance to owners and funders that the project is on track to successfully meet its targets. Spire has experience in performing due diligence construction reviews at all stages of the project to provide confidence that the project will be successful, to identify issues and recommend actions if it is not on track.   

Our Due Diligence Review Process

Prior to project execution, Spire’s reviews assess how well the scope has been defined, if a comprehensive execution plan has been developed, if the schedule is sufficiently detailed and reasonable, and if the budget is realistic. Performing pre-construction due diligence prior to project approval or acquisition of assets is critical to protect your interests in any development venture. Spire will assist with the identification and analysis of these risks and provide recommendations on how to mitigate them through construction planning.

Once the project is underway, owners need to know if they have sufficient funding allocated to complete the project and if the project will be completed to meet its commitments. Spire’s reviews assess if the work is following the plan, rates of progress, productivity measurements, schedule forecasts, cost forecasts and other issues that may impact outcomes.  We assess if the project is likely to hit the current forecasts or provide realistic forecasts if not. We can identify the drivers of performance deviations and recommend steps to help recover from those impacts.

Spire’s extensive experience in the high volume residential, commercial, education, government, health care, hospitality and industrial arenas will provide a broad perspective you can use to assess your specific project.

Construction Due Diligence Services

  • Pre-funding schedule and budget analysis
  • Evaluation of scope of work definition
  • Execution planning assurance reviews
  • Independent cost and schedule forecast reviews
  • Identification of potential existing site conditions
  • Mitigation of permitting and environmental issues

Whether you are an owner, program manager, contractor, architect or construction manager, Spire’s construction consultant experts are equipped to safeguard your investments and help keep your projects on target.