Construction Performance & Productivity Improvement

Construction productivity on your project directly impacts the amount of time and money required to build it. Construction productivity has experienced a steady decline over the past several years while other industries see continued improvements. Spire can develop systems to evaluate and monitor your project’s productivity and continually identify areas for improvement.

Spire’s consultants understand the drivers of labor productivity, how it can vary between different disciplines and trades, and how it can change over the course of the work.  This knowledge is critical to developing systems that are appropriate for each trade, for identifying productivity issues, and developing appropriate recommendations.  Spire understands that the systems need to track actual hours per period per area combined with tracking material installation progress.

Spire’s construction productivity services include:

  • Construction Productivity Services
  • Productivity Benchmarking
  • Project Productivity Reviews
  • Productivity Monitoring and Controls
  • Material and Labor Cost Evaluations
  • Labor and Equipment Productivity Review
  • Material Waste and Rework Analysis

Whether you are an owner, program manager, contractor, architect, construction manager, or subcontractor Spire’s consultants are equipped to assist in assessing productivity on your project and identifying improvements to help bring it in on time and under budget.