Construction Performance & Productivity Improvement

While other industries have seen continuing growth over the past few years, construction productivity has been steadily declining. At Spire, we put in a lot of effort every day to buck that trend using a variety of construction productivity services. 

Construction productivity on your project directly affects the time and financial constraints that are of the utmost importance to the industry. Spire is aware that every minute of lost production equates to a lost dollar. Because of this, working with Spire’s team of productivity specialists to design a system that will make your project run more smoothly and save you time and money makes the most sense. The consultants at Spire are aware of the factors that affect labor productivity, how it differs between specialties and trades, and how it might fluctuate over the course of a project. This information is essential for creating methods that are suitable for your project, for spotting productivity problems, and for creating recommendations that are appropriate for you and your team.

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Our specialists at Spire can create tools to assess and track the productivity of your project and pinpoint opportunities for improvement. Our construction productivity services cover the entire duration of your project, from start to finish. We can help with cost analysis of the materials and labor during the preconstruction phase in addition to designing and implementing a productivity tracker to keep an eye on productivity throughout the project. Spire is aware that the systems in place must monitor actual hours per period and area, as well as the status of material installations. We constantly assess the project’s progress and look for opportunities to boost performance and productivity.

At the conclusion of the building phase, we analyze the project’s productivity and pinpoint any weak points. Our clients have been able to avoid wasting time by using this comprehensive strategy of in-depth research and evaluation, and the project has remained on or under budget. 

Construction Productivity Services

  • Productivity Benchmarking 
  • Project Productivity Reviews 
  • Productivity Monitoring and Controls 
  • Material and Labor Cost Evaluations 
  • Labor and Equipment Productivity Review 
  • Material Waste and Rework Analysis 

Our construction performance and productivity improvement can help any role in the industry. Regardless of whether you are the project’s owner, program manager, contractor, architect, construction manager, or subcontractor, Spire’s consultants are qualified to help you evaluate productivity on your project and pinpoint changes to help it be completed on schedule and under budget.