Construction Defects

Construction defects are categorized as when a project fails to meet certain standards or comply with contractual requirements, whether as a result of product failure, faulty plans or specifications, or the way the work was performed. The resulting impact can require costly repairs and cause delays. Depending on the issue, the root cause can be traced back to actions or inaction by the owner, designer, contractor, or subcontractors. 

Spire Consulting Group’s proactive engagement in construction management projects brings real-time expertise to forensic investigations. Our extensive range of project experience has prepared us to investigate and analyze complex construction defects across a broad range of industries. As a full-service firm that supports all aspects of construction, we understand all perspectives of these issues and how each party may influence them.

We examine structures, materials, systems, designs, installation sequencing, and practices to uncover the underlying cause of a construction defect and determine responsibility. Our extensive knowledge and experience with common defects in building construction prepare us to consult on any construction defect dispute. Our experts investigate problems and advise our clients of the cause, solution, and estimated costs associated with the corrective actions.

Whether you are an owner, program manager, contractor, architect, subcontractor, construction manager or attorney, Spire’s consultants are equipped to provide the analytical support necessary to defend your side of a dispute and provide construction defect mediation.

Spire offers a comprehensive array of supplemental construction defects expert services including:

  • Claims evaluation and quantification
  • Damages evaluations, analysis, and quantification
  • Construction productivity loss
  • Standard of care for construction professionals
  • Arbitration and mediation support
  • Construction defect consulting
  • Expert witness testimony

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