Dispute Resolution

Construction Claims and Litigation Support Experts

Resolving construction disputes is challenging. From mediation to arbitration and litigation support, Spire can provide guidance in navigating the technical challenges throughout the dispute resolution process to provide your case the support it requires. With a proven track record, Spire’s construction claims and litigation support experts bring years of hands-on construction experience to every dispute and render opinions that are clear, concise, and objective to help make the strongest case possible. They work closely with law firms, owners, government agencies, contractors, and design professionals through all phases of the litigation and arbitration process including pre-filing, discovery, and dispute resolution.

Extensive Experience: Spire’s experts are experienced in all aspects of project development and execution, as well as the range of risks owners and contractors face throughout each phase of construction. Spire is a full-service firm, providing project management and project controls support to clients in addition to dispute resolution support, giving our staff knowledge of current and emerging practices. Spire’s team of experts have supported a broad range of project types across most industries. This breadth of experience allows us to apply best practices from other industries to help address the issues on each project.

Quality and Independence: Spire’s approach to dispute resolution support stresses quality and independence in its analysis, feedback, and opinions. Spire values quality over volume, ensuring that it provides a thorough analysis of each aspect of a project dispute and delivers the best possible support on each engagement to clients. At the same time, Spire values its objective and impartial analysis in its approach. Spire is not part of a larger organization and does not provide engineering and construction services. We are truly independent and provide unbiased, objective analysis and feedback to clients on every project.

Phased Approach: Through its phased approach, Spire provides a roadmap to understanding the technical nature of the dispute, prepares findings based on forensic analyses, and delivers expert testimony that clients and triers of fact can rely on to make informed decisions. This phased approach also provides the client with key feedback early and throughout the process to informs its decision making and strategy in resolving the dispute.

Dispute Resolution Services: Spire’s experts support clients with a variety of dispute resolution services and specific types of expertise, including the following:

Request for Equitable Adjustment – Supporting contractors with analyzing and preparing requests for equitable adjustment (REA) for engineering and construction projects worldwide and assisting with the resolution of those requests.

Claims Management – Supporting clients with identifying, analyzing, and preparing construction claims or evaluating those claims for entitlement, causation, and quantification of damages to promote a successful resolution of the dispute.

Expert Witness Testimony – Providing construction expert witness testimony to distill relevant facts of the claims for counsel and juries based on comprehensive and exhaustive forensic investigations.

Schedule Delay and Disruptions – Analyzing schedule delays and disruptions to identify liability, validate claims, and quantify damages using recommended and accepted techniques.

Damage Assessment & Quantification – Analyzing project events, costs, and documents to diligently quantify, evaluate, and present damages associated with claims and cost overruns.

Construction Defects – Examining structures, materials, systems, designs, installation sequencing and practices to uncover the cause of a construction defect and determine responsibility.

Standard of Care – Identifying and evaluating the conduct and performance of responsible parties to determine if the appropriate professional standard of care was provided.

Acceleration – Identifying and evaluating events and activities associated with accelerating schedule performance and quantifying costs for the acceleration.

Productivity Loss – Evaluating construction productivity loss due to events through proper documentation and productivity calculations using appropriate project data, approved industry studies, and quantification techniques.

“The final deliverable was the most thorough, comprehensive, well-thought out, and well-written report I have seen in the 50 years I have practiced law. I’ve never witnessed the opposition settle on our terms solely based on a report; they even expressed interest in hiring Spire for future work. This was a true victory, and the only credit I can take is that I hired Spire.”

Bill Spriggs, Spriggs Consulting Services