Claims Avoidance & Prevention

Construction claims are both costly and time consuming for your organization and your clients. Spire Consulting Group’s extensive knowledge with each phase of the construction project lifecycle allows us to provide insight prior to commencement and during the construction of your project, which will help you avoid issues down the road.

Our claims group comprises foremost experts in analyzing complex claims and disputes that originate on construction and engineering projects.

When construction disputes or delays occur, stakes are high. Retaining competent construction experts to resolve those disputes significantly improves your outcome. Our experts have a wealth of experience in identifying, analyzing, preparing, and presenting claims and disputes on construction and engineering projects. Our hands-on experience has consistently proven invaluable to clients requiring expert advice or after-the-fact analyses of disputes and claims.

Spire can assist with a variety of activities that will assist in avoiding costly disputes including:

  • Contract Reviews
  • Pre-project Planning
  • Plan Reviews
  • Cost and Schedule Validation and Monitoring
  • Constructability Reviews

Whether you are an owner, program manager, contractor, architect, construction manager or subcontractor, Spire’s construction claims consultants have the knowledge and know how to help you avoid disputes and mitigate claims.