Spire provided a 4-day training seminar to Simplot’s construction cost professionals seeking a better understanding of today’s complex construction cost management process. The course provided an overview of construction cost management and identified common contract-related pricing issues and considerations, cost development, project planning techniques, schedule development, and productivity. As a result of the course, attendees learned the fundamentals necessary to implement a successful cost program and acquired an understanding of proven techniques and methods globally recognized as industry best practices to successfully plan and execute cost-efficient projects.

The training course focused on the following training topics:

  • Pre-project planning
  • Contract pricing and equitable risk allocation
  • Cost estimation before and after project commencement
  • How to implement effective scheduling
  • Ways to benchmark and improve productivity.


  • Project Engineers
  • Contract Coordinators
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Packaging Supervisors
  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical Supervisors

Course Satisfaction Rating: 90%
Knowledge of Subject Matter Rating: 90%