Spire’s construction management consultants provided proactive cost estimating and critical path method (CPM) scheduling services for Reid’s $300 million, 715,000 SF inpatient, outpatient, and medical office complex.

Spire’s scope of work consisted of schedule reviews and oversight, time impact analysis (TIA) reviews, various cost analyses, change order scope and pricing reviews, and claims and arbitration support. During construction, Spire performed site walks and reviewed the contractor’s schedule to provide the owner with monthly reports of findings. Spire also performed evaluations of escalation rates on labor, material, and equipment during a two-month window; and determined associated schedule risks. The analysis consisted of reviewing the associated work and determining national and international market factors that cause price fluctuations, as well as quantifying the impact the fluctuations had on the overall cost of the project.

When it became apparent that the project was behind schedule, Spire assisted the owner in negotiating a settlement with the construction manager. Subsequently, the project fell further behind schedule, which resulted in the owner and construction manager filing for arbitration. Spire was engaged by the owner to develop an independent and impartial assessment based on schedule delay analysis addressing the validity of delay issues pertaining to the construction manager’s claims and their impacts to project completion and construction manager performance. Spire found that the contractor’s schedules were deficient and its delay claim was erroneous and unsubstantiated.

Spire’s findings were represented in three different reports issued during arbitration and with verbal testimony in front of the arbitration panel. Spire’s efforts resulted in a significant recovery of funds for the owner.