The Client, Thales Raytheon, retained Spire’s team of consultants to perform an evaluation of cost, schedule, and risk factors for 55 telecommunication facilities with accompanying infrastructure to be constructed within Algeria.

Spire’s analysis included a detailed review of current market conditions for the availability and cost of common construction materials, labor and equipment to determine the factors that may have influenced land development and construction.

A rough order of magnitude estimate with risk factors affecting construction costs was provided in order to determine the total project cost and overall risk for the client pursuing work with a foreign government.

Tasked with renovating multiple facilities, our client was also updating them to accommodate upgraded telecommunications equipment and capabilities. A strict Facility Design Criteria (FDC) Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) provides facility requirements that need to be met at each project site. Used by the client to modify and design existing facilities, these criteria also helped create construction plans for new facilities. This information, coupled with local and national building codes of Algeria,  create a safe, compliant, and cost-effective facility design at each location.

The existing facilities to be modified were in different states of repair, across various terrains, and sometimes underground. The impact of the Algerian government was also an entity to be factored into the project’s scope. Spire was challenged with factoring in a wide range of variables to truly understand the scope of potential risks.

Even if your construction or engineering project idea is still just that, an idea without drawings or plans, Spire’s professionals have the construction budget management experience to provide you with the necessary conceptual project budgets to help get your project off the ground. Our Rough Order of Magnitude budgets are polished enough to set accurate cost expectations from the beginning of the project, which will help avoid costly disputes in the end.