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Miami, FL Project Controls

Project Controls and Construction Management in Miami

Successful projects begin with careful planning of the execution process. A quality project controls system is crucial for construction companies in Miami looking to complete complex projects on time and within budget.

Project Controls in Miami, Florida

Project controls provide timely and accurate information to project management teams so that they can make informed decisions and take necessary action to correct any possible problems. Quality project controls keep a project on-track, on-time and within budget. Project controls can assist the entire lifecycle of a construction project.

Communication Throughout the Construction Process

Project risk is inherent in construction. This is especially true when communication gaps exist between the owner, contractor and architect. Quality project controls from Spire Consulting Group can bridge these gaps and monitor progress in such a way that it reduces profit loss.

Our project controls teams effectively communicate with the owner, administer project documentation, manage estimate cost and schedule control aspects of each project. We use the latest tools and techniques to provide essential information which can be used to determine the date-driven decisions that facilitate effective project management for the entire lifecycle of the project.

Our project controls teams or techniques provide financial monitoring and risk prevention, without harming delivery capabilities or overburdening superintendents with loads of paperwork.

We utilize the best scheduling software available today. State-of-the-art industry project controls and scheduling software includes:

  • Project 4d
  • Constructsim
  • Primavera
  • Claim Digger
  • Microsoft Project
  • Finest Hour

Construction Management Services

Construction management requires knowledge in many different areas including finance, mediation, law, business and more. Construction managers have several complex responsibilities. They must handle project management planning, cost management, quality management, contract administration, safety management and project team management.

Our construction management consultants provide comprehensive services, specially designed to help construction businesses save money and solve problems. We provide our services from concept to completion of each construction project.

We understand that every project has its own unique needs, requirements and objectives. We are familiar with planning protocols, project schedule requirements and estimating processes. We understand the construction process, and we use a range of tools to assist our clients with their project.

Spire Consulting Group provides quality project controls and construction management services in Miami, Florida. For more information, please contact us.