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Project Controls & Construction Management in Houston

Houston, TX Project Controls & Construction Management

Every successful construction project in Houston begins with proper planning. Project controls are used to monitor work and identify whether a project is proceeding as it should. The level of control needed is determined by a number of factors including the complexity of a project, the maturity of the organization, the team’s experience, cost, project importance and more.

Quality Project Controls in Houston, Texas

Successful construction projects are always the result of an integrated team effort between the owner, architect and contractor. Project controls help record financial transactions that occur during construction, and provide managers with a way to gauge progress and spot problems.

A simple mistake in any of the thousands of tasks happening concurrently on a construction project can have large ramifications including schedule delays and going over budget. A lack of adequate planning and monitoring is certain to result in project failure. When you can’t afford to make a mistake, it is very important that every step of the project is managed carefully by a professional with experience. Spire Consulting Group’s project controls experts put tested systems in place so that project performance is improved and costs are reduced.

Today, effective project control systems are in high demand. Unfortunately, many companies are still following traditional methods of control. With proper project controls, every single construction project presents a unique opportunity to improve delivery, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Spire Consulting Group’s quality project controls simplify management, control and reporting by effectively integrating budget, scheduling, risks, resources and benefits. This approach addresses both the critical details as well as the big picture. Our project controls help improve efficiency as well as return on investment.

Houston, TX Construction Management

Construction management handles the planning, coordination and building of a project from its concept to its completion. Construction managers have a number of complex responsibilities. Our construction management consultants provide comprehensive services specially designed to keep construction projects on track and on budget. We work directly with our clients throughout the entire process, keeping them informed and well prepared to handle any problems that might arise.

Project Controls and Construction Management Services

Spire Consulting Group specializes in construction management and project controls. We utilize standard industry scheduling methods and scheduling software to accurately develop, monitor and report the progression of construction projects in Houston. This allows our customers to stay informed about project events, potential problems and corrective actions.

We use state-of-the-art project controls and scheduling software including Project 4d, Constructsim, Primavera, Claim Digger, Microsoft Project and Finest Hour. Our comprehensive construction project scheduling services include critical path method scheduling, construction project acceleration, schedule delay analysis, total float management, Monte Carlo risk analysis, collapsed as-built and more.

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