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Project Documentation: Supporting Your Position

Supporting Your Position With Project Documentation

Frequently, the parties lack the proper documentation to clearly establish entitlement, causation of impacts, and cost and time quantificati...
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Reliable Forensic Schedule Analysis

Validating Schedules to Conduct a Reliable Forensic Schedule Analysis

A reliable schedule is essential to the execution of a successful project, but schedule delays are a common and costly issue in construction...
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Owners Need Project Controls

Owners Need Project Controls

As a consultant that supports numerous clients, both owners and contractors, with project delivery and dispute resolution, Spire often finds...
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Avoiding Project Claims - Whitepaper download

Avoiding Project Claims

“Avoiding project claims does not just happen. Avoiding disputes requires active steps throughout the project or contract life-cycle.&...
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Determining Reasonable Cost of repair and remediation work

Determining Reasonable Cost of Repair and Remediation Work

In the world of construction defect claims, the most common measure of damages for an owner is the cost to repair or replace the defective w...
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Construction Company Management Planning Best Practices

Construction Company Management Planning Best Practices – How to Establish Them, Assess Success and Keep on Track

Construction Company Management Planning is one of the most important characteristics of a successful company in today’s business environm...
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Quantifying Disruption in Power Projects thumbnail download

Quantifying Disruption in Power Projects

Power plant projects involve massive capital investment and employ the services of multiple trades. Their complexity and scale often cause d...
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Evaluation of Baseline Metrics download

Evaluation of Baseline Schedule Metrics

Developing a reasonable baseline schedule can be challenging for construction professionals, but it is essential to keeping projects on time...
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Covid-19 & Construction How to Model and Track Pandemic-Related Schedule Impacts download thumbnail

Covid-19 & Construction: How to Model & Track Pandemic-Related Schedule Impacts Whitepaper Download

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than half of construction projects since April 2020 have experienced significant delays. Our expe...
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