Objectives of Construction Management

An important part of any project, quality construction management helps ensure construction projects remain on time, on budget, and meet all goals for safety, scope, function, and quality. In order to ensure success, the Construction Manager must implement a variety of specialized project management methods.

Construction Management Goals

After commissioning the project, owners hire Construction Managers to ensure everything goes as planned. Regardless of the type of project or the scope of work, Construction Managers provide an invaluable service, taking much of the stress off the owner.

The main goal of construction management is to manage and control the progress of construction projects. The Construction Manager plans, coordinates, budgets, and supervises the project from start to finish. They act on behalf of the owner, overseeing every stage of the project.

Importance of Hiring an Experienced Construction Manager

In order to ensure the greatest success, owners of construction projects must consider the prior experience and skills of the Construction Manager they choose. It takes a wide range of skills and competencies to ensure the sufficient progress and successful completion of even simple construction projects. Construction Managers must deal with a multitude of changes including regulatory, design, as well as unforeseen conditions such as extreme weather. It is important the Construction Manager can maintain stability, regardless of the situation.

While many project owners mistakenly believe their general contractor can handle construction management themselves, this is not usually possible. Project Managers must have a thorough understanding of multiple skill sets including budgeting, safety, local laws and regulations, business, and more. Project owners can greatly benefit from hiring an experienced Construction Manager.

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Construction Management Gives Owners More Control

Traditional methods do not allow the owner to take an active role in the construction project. This can create problems, especially for owners responsible for projects paid for with taxpayer dollars. While most people assume owners want nothing to do with the project until completion, it is becoming more common for owners to want and/or need access to their project. Properly implemented construction management ensures owners maintain access and control, while concurrently ensuring projects run as smoothly as possible.

Construction Managers serve as owner’s representatives, protecting the owner’s interests in the project and ensuring the project stays aligned with the owner’s objectives and priorities. Construction Managers help coordinate between the owner’s needs and the contractors’ execution to resolve issues during the life of the project, avoiding disruptive disputes.

Construction management is not a one-size-fits-all type of program. The project owner can decide how much or how little they want the Construction Manager to be involved. However, it is important to note that the greatest benefits come when Construction Managers are brought in during the initiation phase of the project.

During the initiation, design, and planning phase, the Construction Manager creates the project plan and develops a comprehensive strategy for completing each additional phase of the project on time and on budget. This is extremely important to the project’s overall success.

The Construction Manager maintains communication and provides guidance to the project team and ensures the smooth and uninterrupted execution of each phase. This aspect of construction management is extremely important, as success depends on the collaboration of all members of the team. Construction Managers must communicate clearly and in ways that everyone on the team can understand. They must also be able to listen and accept constructive feedback from their team.

Construction Management Services

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