Spire developed a 2-day construction management training seminar for the Asia Business Forum. Held in Malaysia and Singapore, the course material was specialized to provide the attendees with an understanding of proven techniques and methods globally recognized as industry best practices to successfully plan and execute construction projects.

The seminar focused on:

  • Processes and techniques of construction project management
  • Techniques and requirements specific for construction management, including risk assessment, cost estimation, forecasting, scheduling and quantifying and mitigating construction claims
  • Strategies and methodologies of merging technology with construction projects

Overall, 93% of attendees ranked the seminar as ‘very good to excellent’ or ‘good to very good’. Some comments from attendees included: “A very interactive seminar and valuable highlight of some of the topic such as cost, schedule and claims. Example quite easy to understand and applicable,” and “Very good course and helped me in reaffirming & upgrading my knowledge.”