Spire assisted the Warmington Group by performing a preliminary cost estimate for the Encinal Del Monte Hotel located in Alameda, California. The proposed project consisted of converting an existing warehouse into a multi use facility to include a market and five-star hotel. The existing exterior shell of the building, including the masonry walls and roof, was planned to be retrofitted and refurbished while the interior was undergoing a full renovation. Spire’s consultants produced a conceptual cost estimate based on design development drawings for the hotel portion of the project. The design development drawings used to perform the estimate were approximately 50% complete and included architectural, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC); electrical; plumbing; and some equipment schedules. Various cost estimating methodologies and pricing resources were used to perform this estimate. The cost estimating method used for each cost component in the estimate was determined by the amount of time and level of resources available. When possible, semi-detailed and assembly takeoffs were performed. In addition, conceptual level estimates and estimates based on percentages of construction costs were used when appropriate. Spire’s client used the estimate as support when it proposed the project to the City of Alameda.