Spire was retained by PLH Group to review and evaluate its Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).  Spire facilitated and conducted a multi-day training session in order to communicate best practices and how PLH could implement SOPs into the organization.  The main goal was to achieve consistency, transparency, and improve communication in order to achieve higher profit on construction projects.

Spire’s initial session analyzed best practices in order to elicit recommendations from PLH stakeholders and executive level managers so that performance and oversight improvements could be made.  After analyzing feedback from the preliminary seminar, Spire was able to develop a highly customized approach for the client regarding rapid growth, quality assurance programs, and evaluation tools for completed projects. At the second session, Spire advised the client on how to implement the SOP into the organization and within the projects.  Attendees learned the fundamentals necessary to implement a successful project controls program – one that helps each party reap the benefits and opportunities while minimizing potential claims. Participants acquired an understanding of proven techniques and methods globally recognized as industry best practices to successfully plan and execute projects. As a result, PLH has implemented and continuously used the SOP to train internal staff.  As part of the program, Spire provided the client with a project management manual. The manual included the newly developed policies and procedures and served as a guide to assist with the integration and implementation of the SOP.

Spire’s efforts resulted in PLH successfully implementing processes and procedures to ensure consistent results and mitigate errors on projects across new and emerging business units nationwide.

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