Spire’s consultants assisted Texas A&M University with its preproject planning process by providing cost analysis and estimating services, and schedule risk assessments for the $128 million Health Science Center in Bryan, Texas. The facility consisted of approximately 391,000 square feet, including two main buildings, a central plant and associated paved access drives, circulation lanes and parking areas. Texas A&M University experienced issues during design of the Texas A&M Health Science Center. While working on this project, Spire as required to leverage its knowledge of both industry and institutional processes and procedures. The architect’s and preconstruction contractor’s initial estimates had both come in over budget and varied significantly. These issues could have resulted in the owner not being able to obtain some or all of its funding for the project. Spire was brought in to analyze the varying estimates, identify and explain the variances, and provide an independent assessment of the probable costs for the project. In addition, Spire performed value engineering, schedule impact, and design alternate analysis to further identify opportunities for cost savings. To accomplish these objectives, Spire relied on its proactive communication methods to bring all the necessary information and participants together to resolve the issues. Spire worked with the client to identify the most appropriate standards to apply; and then, modified those standards to meet the client’s requirements. Standards were selected based on input from multiple team members; and then, Spire executed its work to those standards while documenting modifications. The team eventually identified a design, alternates, and a schedule that would satisfy the owner’s state and federal funding requirements.