How to Manage Construction Material Cost Escalation

July 13, 2022

As you handle construction projects, material costs are a crucial consideration. You need the right solutions to keep your budget on track and avoid overspending. With material expenses in continual fluctuation, it’s important to use the proper resources and strategies for negotiating price limits.

If you’re wondering how to navigate price increases successfully, keep reading for some essential best practices.

construction material cost escalation tips

1. Evaluate Material Cost Escalation

Your first step is to evaluate current price escalations and understand what they could mean for your business. Once you’ve identified your key needs, you can begin determining how to approach pricing negotiations while keeping your bottom line in mind.

The best way to insulate your business from rising prices early on is to negotiate an escalation provision. However, you’ll need to be strategic to arrange conditions owners will be willing to accept. Additionally, many companies are adopting an integrated project delivery method early in the design and construction phases, bringing on a team of people (including subcontractors) to mitigate and determine the best path forward.

2. Conduct a Situational Analysis

Begin by completing a situational analysis and considering the current market and forecasted trends. It might be helpful to pinpoint specific materials that will likely be increasing in price, as you could target those resources in a limited material escalation agreement.

future material cost escalation predictions

3. Research Options

Explore different material sources, fair prices for the market, and standard practices in your industry. Additionally, you’ll want to consider how material costs are likely to fluctuate in the near future so you can prepare proactively. These insights can help you negotiate satisfactory prices for yourself and the owners.

4. Get Help if Needed

When you’re navigating complex situations and negotiations, outside support and consulting can be invaluable. Consider working with a consultant to evaluate your current requirements, help you reduce overall operating costs, and equip you to manage price increases strategically. The right expertise can help you source construction materials at cost-effective prices and navigate negotiations successfully.

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