Top 10 Ways for Developers to Overcome Issues During Construction

August 13, 2015

Top 10 Ways for Developers to Overcome Issues During Construction | Developers wear many hats during the construction process and thus are subject to an increase in risk and liability. The first step to achieving a successful project is to identify the potential issues and barriers that may impact your project prior to construction in order to mitigate or prevent those issues from occurring.

The following list consists of 10 ways to overcome the issues Developers most often face during the construction process.

1. Pre-contract Communication: Development, identification and communication of a clear scope of work and expectations of the developer, construction manager and contractors.

2. Project Team Selection and Procurement: Overcoming the current market place to engage the best subcontractors prior to starting construction.

3. Permits & Inspections: Determining the proper quantity and clearly defining the appropriate scope during the project planning phase to ensure the permits and inspections occur in a timely fashion.

4. Ineffective Standard Operating Procedures: Developing, implementing and streamlining a standard set of processes and procedures to increase consistency, decrease errors and omissions, and enhance approval process.

5. Communication During Construction: Establishing a steady flow of communication between the developer and construction teams to streamline the decision making process and mitigate potential impacts.

6. Insufficient Project Controls: Appointing an experienced project controls team to establish a reasonable baseline schedule and cost estimate in order to effectively manage the costs and schedule throughout the duration of the project.

7. Resource Management: Augmenting staff to engage qualified project managers and offering training to increase the team’s effectiveness.

8. Design & Constructability Issues: Determining if plans and specifications adequately define quantity, configuration, and quality in order to identify and mitigate issues prior to or during construction to prevent cost overruns and time impacts.

9. Productivity Loss: Developing systems to evaluate and monitor your project’s productivity and continually identify areas for improvement.

10. Standard of Care: Identifying and evaluating the conduct and performance of all responsible parties in order to determine if the project is in compliance with industry standards and adheres to the intended purpose of the contract.

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