Top 10 Ways for Developers to Overcome Issues During Construction

March 13, 2023

Top 10 Ways for Developers to Overcome Issues During Construction | Developers wear many hats during the construction process and thus are subject to an increase in risk and liability. The first step to achieving a successful project is to identify the potential issues and barriers that may impact your project prior to construction in order to mitigate or prevent those issues from occurring.

The following list consists of 10 ways to overcome the issues developers face most often during the construction process.

1. Pre-Contract Communication

It’s vital to outline each party’s responsibilities during a construction project. When delegating tasks, it helps to be transparent with contacts before, during, and after construction begins. Doing so helps prevent any jobs or details from falling through the cracks.

Ideally, construction developers will be able to meet with parties in-person to encourage a strong flow of communication. Developers, construction managers, and contractors can map out the scope of work through online platforms when this is not an option.

2. Project Team Selection and Procurement

It helps to have knowledgeable experts you can trust to carry out construction tasks. Before starting any building task, it’s important to secure a team of subcontractors you know have the skills, tools, and experience to finish a project to the standards of the industry you’re working in.

3. Permits and Inspections

Gathering all the documents you’ll require for building eliminates roadblocks throughout a project. Seeing what you can do to obtain legal building permits and schedule property inspections is proactive for staying on schedule and keeping the final structure in compliance.

4. Ineffective Standard Operating Procedures

All construction projects are different. However, familiarizing yourself with operating procedures that take place during most jobs helps you put your best foot forward.

You should outline goals during a construction assignment to make sure you accomplish what you need to do daily. Note what larger tasks you can delegate to multiple teams. There’s the potential to streamline important jobs and expedite the construction approval process when you pay attention to small details and your operating procedures.

5. Communication During Construction

Teams should be in the loop throughout a building project. You can prevent construction issues from happening in the first place by using effective communication strategies. You might put someone in charge of communicating project updates to all parties and groups involved with a job to minimize backtracking.

6. Insufficient Project Controls

Project control teams are excellent for mapping out spending budgets. Deciding on someone to manage payments and monitor cash flow will save you from running out of funds at any stage of construction. The right group of professionals will map out an accurate spending budget for a project based on the job scope and the types of materials necessary for completion.

7. Resource Management

Construction teams are only effective when they understand a mission and recognize the work that needs to be done. One of the top construction issues for developers relates to a lack of resource management. Maybe there are project managers with years of industry experience on-site who can train workers in groups, or there is equipment on the market that can help teams finish jobs more efficiently.

Recognizing the talent and technology available to you during an assignment allows you to remain productive on-site and refrain from redoing work.

8. Design and Constructability Issues

Ensuring a new structure’s design aligns with local codes and industry regulations prevents you from making costly mistakes. Whether you’re purchasing materials, deciding the number of workers a job calls for, or negotiating construction timelines, a building’s design and constructability play a huge role in setting a budget and deadline for teams.

9. Productivity Losses

You should always look for ways to improve the building process. Analyzing fine details throughout a construction project puts a team’s productivity level in perspective. Make sure you have established systems that accurately record wins and losses between jobs. Decide which teams could use extra hands or resources to move through tasks at a better rate.

10. Standard of Care

It’s crucial to keep all parties accountable for the work they take on. Following up with groups involved in a project ensures everything is built within compliance and aligns with the contract’s details. Performing frequent walk-throughs and inspections during a construction assignment can save you from dealing with disputes once a project is complete.

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