Serving the customer is the mantra of the hospitality industry. It creates a set of diverse needs that require an expansive knowledge base to address each one thoroughly. Whether you are renovating hotel rooms to create a luxury experience or increasing capacity to service more guests, Spire Consulting Group is available to help. We offer unique resources and capabilities necessary to address and overcome obstacles. And this expertise supports achieving success for your individual project goals.

Spire’s culture of innovation and excellence, coupled with our deep understanding of the hospitality industry, drives our passionate commitment to deliver the most rewarding experience to our clients. Spire ensures the successful and timely completion of your projects, which allows you to remain focused on your guests. Spire brings extensive experience in the project delivery process, in all aspects, for hospitality and leisure projects. From full-service convention center hotels to resorts, both new construction and renovations – Spire supports the gambit.

Our planning is always with ingenuity, our building is always with integrity, and our management is always with assurance.


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“Thanks to Spire for all the hard work and help. The Judge in the Madera Springhill Suites case adopted your damage figure to the penny.”

– Kurt Vote, Attorney, Wanger Jones Helsley PC

Our Spire team supports innovative project and construction management services to help private clients deliver complex construction projects on time and within budget. And if the need arises, Spire provides dispute resolution expertise to navigate challenges experienced during construction. Our advisory services are built off of our construction industry expertise, making us uniquely qualified to share solutions that fit your organization while delivering the desired results. If you are ready to discuss your next project, please fill out our request for service form below or contact us.