In 2010, a CenterPoint 138 kV transmission tower in the Houston Ship Channel was struck by a M/V Safety Quest tow boat, owned and operated by AEP River Operations, L.L.C,  with three barges in tow. As a result, the existing tower structure collapsed and its foundation was damaged.  After evaluating the damage, CenterPoint decided to demolish the existing crossing tower and build a new crossing tower approximately eighty-five (85) feet away.  As a result of the damage caused by the collision between AEP’s tow boat and CenterPoint’s Original Tower, a dispute occurred involving the costs associated with building the New Tower.

Spire assisted CenterPoint by providing an objective opinion regarding the reasonableness of the construction costs of the New Tower. Our team performed a detailed analysis of key documents and contracts, conducted site visits and interviews with several parties associated with the project, and performed a comparative scope analysis between the Original Tower and New Tower and conducted interviews to identify potential variances. In addition, our consultants compiled, reviewed and analyzed the development of the Original Contract Price and actual costs incurred by CenterPoint to determine if the price and costs were reasonable. We then quantified damages based on the reasonable costs incurred and the discounted additions to the project.