The $180 million Peaky Power Plant project near Ilo, Peru consists of the design, supply and construction of a dual fuel thermoelectric power generating plant. The purpose of the plant is to perform as a cold reserve for the Peruvian grid, which will be utilized during future power shortages. The plant includes 3 x GE 7FA gas turbines in simple cycle and will be installed next to the existing ILO 21 coal-fired power plant. The ILO 21 substation will also be expanded to accommodate the new capacity.

Spire assisted a joint venture between a South American EPC firm and General Electric by providing claims management services and an associated training course. Spire’s claim services included providing the following tasks:

• Schedule delay and acceleration analysis
• Productivity quantification
• Change order request development
• Quantification of cost overruns and damages
• Country rules and regulation assessment
• Claim presentation development
• Claim strategy and negotiations