The Lake Water Treatment Plant Phase III Expansion project in Williamson County, Texas consisted of expanding the existing plant from 19.9 MGD capacity to 28.6 MGD. The Contractor was required to achieve substantial completion within 545 calendar days from Notice To Proceed (NTP). However, numerous delays occurred during the Project, and the substantial completion date was not achieved. A dispute occurred between the Contractor and its Subcontractor because of issues encountered during the Project.

Spire was retained by Cunningham Constructors & Associates, Inc. to provide opinions regarding the issues related to the delays, disruptions, and damages that occurred during the Project in Phase 1, to provide supplemental opinions regarding damages incurred during the Project based on additional information provided and analysis performed in Phase 2, to prepare for and perform expert deposition in Phase 3; and in Phase 4, Spire’s scope of work included preparing presentation, attending depositions, developing rebuttal of opposing expert reports and performing expert testimony.

Lake Water Treatment Plant Phase III Expansion Dispute Resolution

Spire’s team of experts is comprised of experienced construction engineering professionals that understand the range of risks companies face throughout the dispute resolution process. From managing claims and quantifying damages to assessing productivity loss, calculating schedule delays, and evaluating standard of care, Spire’s litigation support experts analyze each particular dispute situation to ensure the best outcome for its clients.

Resolving construction disputes is challenging. From mediation to arbitration and litigation support, Spire can provide guidance in navigating the technical challenges throughout the dispute resolution process to provide your case the support it requires. Spire’s construction claims and litigation support experts bring years of hands-on construction experience to every dispute and render opinions that are clear, concise, and objective to help make the strongest case possible. 

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