The Africa Live! Exhibit at the San Antonio Zoo spans 1.5 acres and is composed of a nonlinear, curved structure with 300 drilled piers in a tight, 18,000-square-foot footprint. The $18-million project included demolishing 3.8 acres of existing zoo property, completely renovating the elephant area, and designing and installing a custom circulation and filtration systems for a state-of-the-art underwater hippopotamus and crocodile habitat. Biscayne Aquaculture, Inc. was retained by the Contractor to provide the Life Support System for the exhibit. The scope of work under the contract was divided into three phases: Phase I – Underground Systems, Phase II – Aboveground Systems, and Phase III – Testing, Commissioning, and Training. Biscayne then hired a Subcontractor to perform the excavation and underground piping work during Phase I of the Project. Before the completion of Phase I and throughout Phases II and III, problems requiring corrective actions were identified by Biscayne and other parties on the Project. Accordingly, Biscayne’s Project duration was extended to test and rework previously installed material and equipment. Spire was retained by Biscayne to identify the issues and impacts caused by the Subcontractor’s performance on the Project and to produce a Request for Equitable Adjustment that substantiated the amounts owed to Biscayne. As a result of the analysis, Spire determined that the Subcontractor did not construct its portion of the work in accordance with the Project design documents, which resulted in deficiencies, defects, and omissions.