The H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse project involved the upgrades and renovations of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. The scope included the replacement of the electrical infrastructure to include high voltage switch line-up, double-ended substations, generators, paralleling gear, switchboards, risers, and panel boards. To achieve this upgrade, other areas and systems required major modifications.

Spire was retained by M.C. Dean to provide comments regarding the schedule analysis method, to conduct an independent schedule analysis, and to prepare a report of findings. To do this, Spire’s consultants identified and quantified the as-built critical path delays in regard to the contractor’s performance and determined the causation and allocation of said delays. Additionally, Spire performed an in-depth issue analysis by creating a chronology of events and key documents associated with the claims and conducted interviews with key project personnel. This included identifying the causal efforts that led to delay and cost overruns.

H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades

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