Spire Spotlight | DOT and Design Builder Resolve Dispute on $1.2 Billion Cable Stay Bridge with Spire’s Support

The new US 181 Harbor Bridge project includes replacement of the existing, antiquated bridge with the longest cable stay bridge in the US, along with reconstruction of portions of US 181, I-37 and the Crosstown Expressway. The project will include the development, design, construction, and maintenance of a total of 6.44 miles of bridge and connecting roadway. Additionally, the project includes the reconstruction of approximately 1.6 miles of I-37, reconstruction of approximately one mile of the Crosstown Expressway and demolition of the existing Harbor Bridge. 

Peckar & Abramson, P.C. engaged Spire Consulting Group for dispute resolution support services in support of Flatiron/Dragados LLC for claims it was pursuing against the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and TxDOT’s claims against Flatiron/Dragados, including a notice of default and threat of termination. Spire’s scope included evaluation of entitlement for changes, schedule delays, loss of productivity, and quantification of damages.

Spire Consulting Group and Peckar & Abramson worked hard to reach a resolution surrounding the construction of the new Harbor Bridge in Corpus Christi, Texas. 

“Our goal was to achieve a full resolution of all matters separating our client and TxDOT, including claims for entitlement to hundreds of million dollars. We needed a solid forensic analysis that would support a fair and reasonable resolution thus facilitating a settlement. Spire’s team delivered that analysis and worked by our side until the settlement was achieved,” said Bob Peckar, Founding Partner of P&A who led the negotiation team.

Spire assisted counsel and the Flatiron/Dragados team with an independent evaluation of the strength of its claims and a reasonable assessment of TXDOT’s counterclaims to help them negotiate an appropriate resolution to all existing issues. Ultimately, TxDOT and Flatiron/Dragados agreed to resolve all issues for a payment to Flatiron/Dragados of $400 million, dissolving all disputes, damage claims, and withdrawal of the notice of default. The Harbor Bridge settlement eliminated years of costly litigation and enabled all the stakeholders to continue work in bringing this important asset to Corpus Christi. Spire is proud to have been a part of this outstanding dispute resolution team. 

Spire’s team of experts is comprised of experienced construction engineering professionals that understand the range of risks companies face throughout the dispute resolution process. From managing claims and quantifying damages to assessing productivity loss, calculating schedule delays, and evaluating standard of care, Spire’s litigation support experts analyze each particular dispute situation to ensure the best outcome for its clients.

Resolving construction disputes is challenging. From mediation to arbitration and litigation support, Spire can provide guidance in navigating the technical challenges throughout the dispute resolution process to provide your case the support it requires. Spire’s construction claims and litigation support experts bring years of hands-on construction experience to every dispute and render opinions that are clear, concise, and objective to help make the strongest case possible. 

Spire’s construction claims and litigation support experts provide the following services: