Hillside Terrace 30″ Sewer Main involved a 2 mile underground vitrified clay sewer pipe failure, impacting approximately 200 residences and the public water supply well.

Spire provided expert opinions regarding the reasonableness of the costs incurred for the Replacement Project, replacement of the sanitary sewer main. In addition, Spire was retained to determine the reasonable cost for the Remediation Project, removing potential contaminant source material and significantly reduce the threat to impacts to the public water supply well. Spire reviewed and analyzed the costs incurred and determined that the City of Amarillo’s damages for the Replacement Project were reasonable and the costs for Remediation were reasonable. Accordingly, the City should be compensated for the costs related to the Replacement and Remediation Project.

Spires’s findings assisted the City with settling prior to litigation for the complete primary and excess insurance policy amounts.

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