This client engaged a design team and contractors to construct a 1 million SF facility on its existing 310-acre campus in Clarksville, TN. The facility consists of a warehouse, utility support area, shipping/receiving area, hazardous material storage, garbage dump, parking lots, container yards, and administrative areas. The new manufacturing factory includes the washing machine assembly, sheet metal, injection, and expanded Styrofoam and painting processes.

The client retained Spire to perform an independent assessment of outstanding change orders submitted by the general contractor during construction, damages analysis, and forensic analysis of schedule delays. Spire performed a review and evaluation of the design and cost basis and analyzed change orders for validity. Additionally, the team analyzed acceleration measures for cost and impact on the project schedule. Deliverables included mediation preparation and support.

This dispute was settled in mediation, ultimately negating the need for an Expert Report. The Spire team was crucial in undermining the credibility of the general contractor’s claims despite challenging, factual circumstances. The client was extremely happy with the outcome.

Residential Appliance Production Facility

Spire’s team of experts is comprised of experienced construction engineering professionals that understand the range of risks companies face throughout the dispute resolution process. From managing claims and quantifying damages to assessing productivity loss, calculating schedule delays, and evaluating standard of care, Spire’s litigation support experts analyze each particular dispute situation to ensure the best outcome for its clients.

Resolving construction disputes is challenging. From mediation to arbitration and litigation support, Spire can provide guidance in navigating the technical challenges throughout the dispute resolution process to provide your case the support it requires. Spire’s construction claims and litigation support experts bring years of hands-on construction experience to every dispute and render opinions that are clear, concise, and objective to help make the strongest case possible. 

Spire’s construction claims and litigation support experts provide the following services: