The $13.9 million Stockton Biomass Power Plant project in Stockton, California consisted of converting a 45 megawatt coal-fired power plant into a 45 megawatt grate-fired biomass power plant. The plant is now fueled annually by 320,000 tons of woody biomass fuel (derived from urban wood waste, tree trimmings and agricultural processes), that produces electricity to meet the needs of 45,000 homes.

DTE Stockton, LLC (Owner) retained Factory Sales and Engineering, Inc. (Contractor) in February 2012 for construction of the plant. Numerous changes occurred during the project resulting in schedule delays, disruption and productivity loss.

Spire was retained by the Contractor while the project was in progress to evaluate its claims against the Owner related to schedule delays, acceleration and productivity loss. Spire advised Factory Sales and Engineering, Inc. on the reasonableness of its claim approach and assisted with the development of change order requests.