The $ 8.5 million Proliant Harlan Plant Expansion consisted of the expansion and/or construction of the plant’s wet process, control, cooler, warehouse, electrical, unloading dock, packaging, CIP, dryer and gowning rooms. The Project was contractually required to achieve substantial completion by March 1, 2012. However, after numerous delays, the substantial completion date was not achieved and a dispute occurred between the Owner and Design-Builder that resulted in the termination of the Design-Builder.

Spire was engaged by the Design-Builder to provide opinions regarding issues related to the dispute. During phase 1 of this engagement, Spire’s team performed a schedule delay analysis to quantify and allocate the days of delay that occurred during the Project. At the request of the Client’s attorney, Spire submitted a Statement of Opinions with the results of the analysis.

During Phase 2 of this engagement, Spire’s consultants produced a rebuttal report in response to a report issued by the Owner’s expert. The purpose of this report was to evaluate and opine on the opposing expert’s findings regarding planning, scheduling and delay.

In addition, Spire assisted the Design-Builder’s attorney by serving as an expert witness and providing a presentation.