Construction CPM Scheduling

Construction CPM Scheduling

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Construction CPM Scheduling

Spire Consulting Group specializes in providing Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling and project controls. Spire’s CPM scheduling and project controls consultants are experienced in developing, analyzing, updating and monitoring project schedules and other project reporting procedures. Spire customizes our CPM scheduling and project controls services to our clients’ specific needs.

Spire utilizes standard industry scheduling methods and software to develop, monitor, and report the progression of construction projects such that our clients are informed quickly and accurately of project events, potential problems, and corrective actions.

industry project controls and scheduling software

construction project scheduling services

  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling
  • Program Management Schedules
  • Preliminary Schedules
  • Linear Schedules
  • Periodic Scheduling Updates
  • Planned and As-Built Analysis Schedules
  • Resource and Cost Loaded Schedules
  • Construction Project Acceleration
  • Schedule Delay Analysis and Quantification
  • Total Float Management
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Risk Simulations
  • “What if” Scenarios
  • Window Analysis
  • Critical Chain Method Analysis
  • Linear Schedule Analysis
  • Collapsed As-built