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Construction Cost Managment

How much? It is the first and most important question to ask before investing the time and money required to develop a concept into a realized project, and answering it incorrectly at the concept phase will assuredly lead to cost overruns and time delays later down the road. Spire Consulting Group’s experience, which ranges from proactive project due diligence in pre-construction planning to forensic construction claims analysis and litigation support, positions us to provide you with conceptual project budgets that address the economic feasibility of your project from the outset.

Even if your construction or engineering project idea is still just that, an idea without drawings or plans, Spire’s professionals have the construction cost estimating experience to provide you with the necessary conceptual project budgets to help get your project off the ground. Our Rough Order of Magnitude budgets are polished enough to set accurate cost expectations from the beginning of the project, which will help avoid cost disputes in the end.

Spire’s cost services that may assist in the development of your conceptual project budget include:

  • Pre-Construction planning and coordination
  • Construction cost estimating
  • Risk identification

Whether you are an owner, program manager, contractor, architect or construction manager, Spire’s construction cost consultants are equipped to supplement your team’s expertise with additional insight to ensure your project’s success.

Regardless of the stage of your project, Spire’s cost estimating services can assist with conceptual budgets, preliminary estimates, quantity take-offs, bid estimates or contract pricing.

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