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Differing Site Condition Experts

Unforeseen or unanticipated conditions can occur on construction projects. Accordingly, damages resulting from a differing site condition can be difficult to substantiate and quantify. While contractual provisions may identify the means by which a party will communicate or document a differing site condition, understanding what should have been reasonably anticipated may be a challenge. Proving and quantifying impacts resulting from a differing site condition requires experts that understand what is reasonably anticipated. Spire Consulting can assist clients in evaluating and quantifying differing site condition claims. Our recognized experts have been designated and testified on impacts resulting from differing (unforeseen) site conditions and determined the appropriate pricing for damages.

Our unforeseen site condition experts have the in depth knowledge of identifying, quantifying and substantiating impacts on a construction project. As a result, some of the questions our experts would raise could include:

unforeseen site condition questions

  • What conditions existed prior to contract execution?
  • What conditions were stipulated within the contract documents?
  • Did the actual condition differ from the planned (contractual) condition?
  • Were the actual conditions reasonably unforeseeable?
  • Was a party’s interpretation of the planned condition reasonable?
  • Was there an actual damage that resulted from the unforeseen condition?