Spire & Gordon Rees Exclusive 2-Day Event

Spire & Gordon Rees Exclusive 2-Day Event

Spire - Gordon & Rees Training

Day 1: Productivity Loss Training – Methods and Lessons Learned

Impacts on productivity on a construction project can be a common issue for contractors and often the basis for contractors’ claims to owners. Yet it can be one of the most challenging impacts for a contractor to substantiate or for an owner to evaluate. This presentation helps explain construction productivity, how it can vary over the life of the work, and what factors may influence it. We will discuss considerations in preparing a claim for loss of productivity and methods for calculating this impact. It also will help explain the hierarchy in terms of preferred methods for supporting or evaluating a loss of productivity claim…if the data exists to support it. This presentation will help attorneys be more knowledgeable about loss of productivity claims and what to consider when dealing with one.

Outline for Training on Productivity Loss:

  • Introductions
  • Agenda
  • Overview
    • Productivity claims
  • Productivity Explained
    • Terms
    • Influences on Construction Labor Productivity
    • Industry Studies
    • Productivity Calibration Curves
  • Considerations in Productivity Tracking
    • Availability and reliability of data
    • Progress tracking
    • Rules of Credit / Earned Value Management
  • Loss of Productivity Claims
    • Elements
    • Causes
    • Define Parameters
    • Process / Methodologies
  • Loss of Productivity Calculation Methodologies
    • Total Cost
    • Modified Total Cost
    • Industry Studies
    • Measured Mile
    • Discrete Analysis of Events and Pricing
  • Conclusions / Q&A

Day 2: Introduction to Spire – More Than Dispute Resolution

At Spire Consulting Group, we ensure your vision becomes a reality by solving and simplifying complex construction problems to help you build with peace of mind. With over $100 billion in advised projects, Spire is committed to delivering excellence by maintaining the highest standards of quality for consulting services within the construction industry. Our unique value proposition as a full-service, fully integrated construction consulting firm allows us to add value across the entire construction project lifecycle.

Through its phased approach, Spire provides a roadmap to understanding the technical nature of the dispute, prepares findings based on forensic analyses, and delivers expert testimony that clients and triers of fact can rely on to make informed decisions. This phased approach also provides the client with key feedback early and throughout the process to inform its decision-making and strategy in resolving the dispute.

Outline for Introduction to Spire:

  • Introductions
  • Firm Overview
    • Core Values
    • Quick Facts
    • Spire Services
    • Industries Served
    • Office Locations
    • Representative Clients
  • Approach
    • Damages Categories
    • DR Support Approach
    • Phased Approach & Objectives
  • Experience
  • Conclusions / Q&A